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 “I’ve yet to find the trout stream that doesn’t receive fishing pressure, so I was in search of the most unique & realistic flies I could find. Hoot’s Custom Flies caught my attention the first time I saw them online. They offer such a unique variety of the most realistic, highly detailed flies I’ve seen. I’m a winter time fly fisherman, so I need a nymph that will sink fast, the Heavy Metal Scud was that fly. It got down by the stream bed quickly & allowed me to stack up the rainbows on my last trip. I am & will always be a squirmy wormy guy, they work. Hoot’s Custom Flies makes the most realistic & unique looking worm I’ve ever seen. The streams I recently fished had proven to hold trout that were not interested in the typical wormy you see in most shops. I just couldn’t get a bite on them. But this recent trip I had Hoot’s worm’s in the light pink & also in red. The trout that just a month ago wanted nothing to do with a worm we’re hitting my Hoot’s worm hard. I fished one solid whole day & a half day & landed 19 good size rainbows & had a few that managed to get free before finding my net. My trip prior to this last one I hadn’t yet discovered Hoot’s Custom Flies & I fished for two hole days & only caught 8 good size rainbows. So as someone who has been fly fishing for 22 years almost & needs every advantage I can get & by adding Hoot’s Custom Flies to my fly box it has allowed me to catch more than double the amount of trout in some very high pressured streams in the SE United States. I highly recommend them to everyone & I can’t say enough great things about the flies & Alex Gibson the owner who got my order to me very quickly. I’m a loyal customer for life." Taylor, from Kentucky.(pictures below)

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