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Tungsten Mop Bug is a fly of love and hate and full of character. Nobody really knows what the mop bug imitates. Some say it imitates crane fly larvae, grubs, guts, and some even call it an egg pattern. It also works for smallmouth, largemouth and panfish. All we know is it works and with that Tungsten Bead it gets down quick. You can use it like a streamer with Hoot's Furled Leader 3FT 4X- 8 lb test casting with Devin's Evolution Rods. Or my favorite way; suspended underneath an indicator with Hoots River Juan as the attractor and Tungsten Mop Bug as the anchor, 5X to 6X tippett is a good choice. Don't forget Hoot's Furled Leader 5 or 3FT. Casting it all with Devin's Evolution Rod.

Tungsten Mop Bug (12 quantity)

Color: Pink
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