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The Tungsten Mop Fly is my variation of the original created by Jim Estes in the 1990s. Working every where. It imitates a lot of trout favorites like small bait fish, caddis larva, case caddis, crane fly larva, caterpillar, worms, and guts(for stockies) and many more. Not just landing trout but also large and smallmouth bass. These patterns are the patterns that have landed my daughter's and I some of our personal bests. This is an awesome attractor pattern and a "must have" in the fly box. I like to use it as the attractor with a Hoot's River Juan (as dropper) on a double dropper setup under a strike indicator or without a strike indicator. Also works great by itself with or without a strike indicator. 5x to 7x taper leader and tippet are excellent choices depending on the water clarity and weather.

Tungsten Mop Fly (Nymph/Attractor)

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