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Tired of your squirmy worms tearing up? Falling apart after one fish? The Tungsten Dub Squirmy Worm is the answer to all your squirmy worm problems. Tied with a tungsten bead to get down quickly. Dubbing to protect the body and a tougher squirmy worm material. Landing fish in all over U.S.A. Works great as a double dropper with Hoots River Juan. I have landed a bunch of wild trout on the Tungsten Dub Squirmy Wormy. I like to use it underneath the strike indicator with Hoots River Juan as the tail. 6X tapered leader with 7X tippet.  Catches more fish than any squirming worm. Tested and proven time and time again.

Tungsten Dub Squirmy Worm

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