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The Hord is a multi-tool attractor pattern. It can be used like a dry,  nymph, or streamer. It's a great searcher pattern, a must have in the fly box. The Hord imitates a wide range of aquatic insects all the way to bait fish. Use as a double dry as the attractor, or by itself with 5 to 7x tippet and tapered leader. If you want to fish it like a nymph it works great as the dropper on a double dropper setup or by itself with or without a strike indicator. I prefer strike indicators. 5 to 7x tippet and tapered leader depending on the conditions are great choices. If you want to fish it like a streamer, the best technique that produced the most fish for me was quarter casting on a sinking line. Let it swing till it's parallel with you and then experiment with the retrieve. Most of my strikes occurred right before the retrieve or within the first strip. Depending on conditions I would use 5x to 6X tippet and tapered leader.


The Hord (Dry/Nymph/Streamer)

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