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Keeping up with my promise top of the line for the tip of your line. Many of the furs we have used traditionally are becoming more scarce, quality varies and many times other issues are faced with traditional furs like polar bear, seals fur, arctic fox being both potentially illegal and presenting ethical issues. As a result we decided to develop a range of SemperFur, it is a hybrid material softer than craft fur with less underbody more like Polar Fur. 

Our SemperFur is no color run dyed and comes in patches approximately 12cm x 12cm and is brushed and ready for use. Consistent every time these are perfect substitutes for natural furs.


What makes this craft fur stand out against other craft furs on the market is that SemperFur has:

Longer length,Softer,Better sheen,Brushed out and ready to use,Tapered fibres and underbody for streamer profiling 90 to 1110mm fibres.

Semperfli Super Select Craft Fur

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