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Another TROUTZILLA catcher Skinny Piggy. Tied on a top of the line competition style jig barbless hook for sharpness and durability. With the weight of the tungsten bead on the action of the tail Troutzillas can't resist. You can use as the anchor on a double dropper set-up, or suspended underneath a double dropper setup at the dropper aka the tail. My awesome Fly tester Bro used the hooper dropper set-up with the Skinny Piggy as the dropper and a foam hopper as the hopper. Yes I will be making a foam hopper soon. From what I have found, 5X is a good choice of tippet and tapered leader but be careful the trout are smacking it hard might have to go to 4X. Be careful with 6x.

Skinny Piggy

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