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Oh yeah this Simple Egg is now one of my favorite go-to patterns. Tested and passed at Norfork in late spring. Tied on a super tough Ahrex Hook super sharp be careful. The Simple Egg imitating a fish egg is made with durable Eggstatic by SemperFli hard for trout to resist. The Simple Egg is easy to use you can cast it by itself with a little split shot and with or without an indicator and let it bounce on the bottom. My favorite way is double dropper setup under an indicator with the Jig Pig or The Jig Pig XL as the anchor or the attractor fly and the Simple Egg as the dropper or the tail. Both ways produce plenty of trout. 5x6x tip it with Hoot's Furled Leader and we can't forget Devin Evolution rods. I love fiberglass.

Simple Egg (Egg)

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