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The rubber leg stimulator is a variation of the original stimulator tied by Randall Kaufman. Created to imitate in a adult giant stonefly but when the time is right it could imitate grasshoppers, Caddis, cicada, moths oh yeah I personally used it to imitate moths. Not just a great go-to and searching even when there is no hatch, it can also handle rough water with it's deer hair, dry fly dubbing, hackel and rubber legs. Not just landing trout but steelhead, salmon, large and smallmouth bass. Works great by itself but if you want to have a blast use it as a dry dropper setup with Hoot's River Juan. Depending on size of fly and size of fish 4X through 6X are excellent tippet and taper and tapered leader.

Rubber Legged Stimulator (Dry)

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