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Due to popular demand I have created a package of flies that I have caught the most fish on. I did some research and this is what I came up with. 3 heavy metal scuds size 10. Colors: Olive, Rainbow, Tan. 3 Hoots Custom Beaded Scuds size 10. Colors: Olive, Grey, Rainbow. 3 Hoots Custom Wooly Buggers size 10. Colors: Olive, Black, Brown. 3 Rubber Leg Stimulators size 14. Color: brown. 3 Hoots River Juan size 10. Color: red. 3 Adams Parachute size 16. Color: Olive, Grey, Black. 3 Brooke Sprout Emerger size 16. Color: Black, Red, Olive. 3 Hoots Custom Zebra Midge size 16. Color: Black, Olive, Red. 3 Custom Stretch Tube Scud size 16. Color: Copper, Olive, Red. 3 Graham's Bloodworm size 14. Color: Red, Olive, Brown. 3 Antron Eggs size 12. Color:pink. These are the flies that I have landed my biggest Rainbows and Browns on.

Roo's Go To Fly Package

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