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Oh yeah I can hear them now. 2024 The brood and the dog day cicadas hatch at the same time it only happens once in 200 years. So I came up with Roo's Cicada. Taking ideas from different cicada patterns and a hint from an entomologist.  (bug scientist) Tied on a strong hook, wings displayed to the side with a UV crystal flash for a realistic look, black foam top and my own personal dry fly dubbing blend will float for a long time. Roo's Caddis is not just for trout it will also land largemouth, smallmouth bass, and big carp slurping the top. There are two ways you can fish this by itself or a dry dropper setup. Five weight six weight fly rods and 1X all the way to 5X tip it with Hoot's Dry Furled  Leaders.

Roo's Cicada(Dry)

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