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Roo's Brassie is a variation of the original Brassie. What makes it different? NO PEACOCK HERL. I use a synthetic peacock herl for durability. Imitating aquatic larvae like midges. Roo's Brassie wraped with wire, topped with a little synthetic peacock herl it will get down quick and lasts longer. You can use it by itself with or without an indicator 5x to 6x tippet and tapered leader is an excellent choice. My favorite way to use Roo's Brassie is as the tail on a double dropper set-up with or without a strike indicator. With Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig as the anchor. For the double dropper setup 5x to 6x tippet and tapered leader are excellent choice.

Roo's Brassie (Nymph)

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