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Roo's Bloodworm is a "must-have" in the fly box. My variation of Graham's Bloodworm. Added a little flash and that's all it needed. Works excellent in all conditions. Even landing wild trout when the water is high and stained. One of my favorite "go to" patterns imitating larva and small aquatic worms, a trout's favorite snack. At the Sowbug Roundup a couple that teaches aquatic entomology said it is perfect. You can use it by itself with or without an indicator but you will need a little split shot about a foot from the hook eye, maybe even more depending on water conditions. But my favorite way is the double dropper setup under an indicator, with either Hoots Tungsten Jig Pig, Chewy Wanker, Devin's Debacle, Jig Pig XL as the anchor. And Rose Bloodworm as the dropper about 10 to 18 in from the hook bend. Depending on water conditions from The Hoots Furled Leader tie on 4X6x tippet. New colors on the way!

Roo's Bloodworm (Nymph/Terrestrial)

Color: Red
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