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Ooo yah I went there. I put a rattle on a Murditch Minnow and now we have the rattling Murditch. Big red eyes, flashy body, flashy tail and a rattle, predatory fish delight. Not just for Smallmouth and a Largemouth Bass, also landing Northern, Muskie, Pickerel, Trout, White Bass and Stripers. My favorite streamer setup is Devin's Evolution Rod 9 ft 7 weight with sink tip, Hoot's Furled Leader 3ft with one to two feet of 10 to 20 lb test. Rattling Murditch with that rattle retrieves are excellent. The stop and go with a pause, the side to side, retrieve fast and slow experiment, just make that rattle rattle.

Rattling Murditch (3 for $27)

Color: Black
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