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Rattlin Roo DD is an amazing articulating streamer for predatory fish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, hybrid, stripers, northern pike, muskie and the list goes on and on. Rattlin Roo DD UV glue head, northern bucktail, articulation and a rattle oh yeah a rattle. Why a rattle? So the predatory fish can locate it faster and hit harder. Especially in muddy dirty water. My favorite go-to for largemouth, small mouth bass and pickerel. My favorite way to fish the Rattlin Roo DD is a six or seven weight Devin's Evolution Rod, Hoot's 3FT Furled Leader with Barrel Swivel (those shock absorb, less breaks), 10 lb to 20 lb test even steel leader for the toothy critters tie on the Rattlin Roo DD. Experiment with your retrieve with stops and goes side to side make it look alive make it look injured make it look scared don't forget it has a rattle. A lot of jerk motions. 

Rattlin Roo DD(Streamer)

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