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Come one, come all, check it out! It's the Rattlin Magic Shark. My variation of the Murditch Minnow.  Changed the material, added a rattle.  Why a rattle you ask? Excellent question my fly fishing lady or gent. The purpose of a rattle is the send-off vibration which bounces off a predatory fish lateral line saying hey that's a freaking dinner bell, time to eat boy. Imitating bait fish or pray fish that predatory fish love, such as smallmouth bass , largemouth bass, white bass, stripers, muskies, northerns, pickerel, big trout, basically every predatory fish. One way to fish Rattlin Magic Shark is using Devin's Evolution Rod 9 ft 6-9 weight depending on species , sink tip line, Hoot's Furled Leader 3 ft barrel swivel with 2 to 3 ft of 10 to 20 lb test then tie on Rattlin Magic Shark. To fish this streamer I fish it just like any other streamer but with more movement because of that rattle. Left, rights, stops, goes, speed up, slow down, and even pause. Just experiment and get ready. 


Rattlin Magic Shark(Streamer)

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