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Mono Zebra Midge is designed for Mono Rig and Euro nymphing styles you know, the tight lines. Imitating aquatic larvae such as Midges, Caddis Larva and many more. Made from top of the line materials for the tip of your line , with a nice UV coating for durability and holographic tinsel for the body to get that flash. With all that combined Mono Zebra Midge is just a perfect go-to pattern for Mono Rig and Euro Nymphing but will also work in any fly fishing style. The way I like to use it is with the Mono Rig Double Dropper System. Using the Mono Zebra Midge as the anchor and Roo's Eggstasy as the tail. 4x,5x and 6X Tippett it are excellent choices but I go with 5x Tippett.

Mono Zebra Midge(Jig/Nymph)

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