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The Iron Head Leech is a variation of the Skull Head Leech. Riding hook point up on a shorter shank hook. Less snags and better hook sets and a weighted head gets it down quick! Not just imitating leeches but with the right size and color can imitate any freshwater pray fish. Landing a wide variety of sportfish including Trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Musky and Stripers. There are many ways you could use this: quarter cast, dead drift, experimenting with retrieve. My best tip is add movement to it, retrieve it side-to-side, give it a little life and hang on tight. Depending on size of fish you can straight line 5 to 25 lb test or 1X to 5x tippet and tapered leader are great choices too.

Iron Head Leech (Streamer)

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