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This go to package for Lower Mountain Fork Oklahoma is set up to land trout all year around. With 4 Hoots Bead Head Woolly Bugger size 8. (2 black and 2 Olive.) 2 Adam's Parachute size 16 color gray. 2 Deer Hair Caddis size 14 color tan. 2 Hoots Zebra Midge size 18 color red. 2 Antron Eggs size 12 color pink red center. 2 Rubber Leg Stimulators size 12 color yellow. 2 Caddis Larva size 18 color tan. 2 Hoots River Juan size 12 color red. Can't go wrong.

Hoot's Bead Head Woolly Bugger: Starting with the bead head woolly is an excellent choice. Two reasons, it is one of the best searching patterns. Imitating a vast number of aquatic pray. The second reason is it can be fished many different ways. You can do a normal strip retrieve. Dead drifting it like a nymph. My favorite way is to ¼ cast and swing it.

Adam's parachute: If you see fish rising tie on a Adam's parachute. This is another awesome searching dry/emerger patterns. Imitating an emerging fly which trout love. There are two ways you can fish the Adam's parachute. By it's self or double dry. Double dry is using two dries. The first fly is an attractor. For the attractor I would use the yellow stimulator followed by the Adam's parachute or deer hair caddis.

Deer hair caddis: Deer hair caddis is a dry imitating the the caddis fly. A staple in most trout's diet. You can fish this by itself, double dry (with the stimulator as the attractor), or dry dropper. Dry dropper is what I use a lot. Your deer hair caddis will be the dry. Take some tippet, tie it to the bend of the hook with a clinch knot. Then at the other end of the tippet tie on the Caddis Larva or Hoot's Zebra Midge or Antron Egg.

Hoot's Zebra Midge: Hoot's Zebra Midge is nymph that imitates midge larva. Midges hatch everywhere. You can use the Zebra Midge like a nymph under an indicator or a double dropper. I like to use it with the dry drop method when the water is low.

Antron Egg imitates basically fish eggs. They work all year round especially during spawning. I like to use the Antron Egg with a double dropper system as the tail end under an indicator.

Rubber Leg Stimulators are like a double bonus. With those rubber legs trout really can't resist. Imitating stoneflies, grasshoppers, moths and a bunch of other insects. This is also a great attractor pattern. The way I would use this is a double dry or a dry dropper as the first dry.

The Caddis Larva imitates the Caddis Larva heading towards the top to hatch. Total trout turn on. How I would use this would be the tail end of a double dropper or the tail end of a dry dropper, with the Deer Hair Caddis as your dry.

Hoots River Juan is my variation of the San Juan. And one of my most durable patterns. Imitating bloodworm, earthworm, really any kind of worm. With a little bit of flash, it gets the trout's attention. Hoot's River Juan has worked all across America. One of my favorite ways to use this is in a double dropper setup as the tail. With current it will keep Hoots River Juan suspended depending on how much Tippett you use. It will also work really good underneath the rubber leg stimulator as a dry dropper setup.

A little tip:  With this setup (the bigger dries) I would start off with 5X maybe  tapered leader. If it is super sunny out at the end of your tapered leader put about a foot to 18 in of 6x tippet.

Hoot's Lower Mountain Fork O.K Go-To Package

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