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Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig XL is about 1 1/2 inches longer than Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig. A great friend asked me; "Can you make the Jig Pigs 1 1/2in long because bass Love the Jig Pig. I said most definitely there aint nothing I can't do. Boom here it is: Tungsten Jig Pig. Geared for Bass. But it doesn't just land Bass, also Trout and most predatory fish species like Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass, Stripers and Wipers. The best way to use Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig XL is just like with any Jig. You can strip it, you can bounce it up and down off the bottom, or put under a strike indicator. My favorite way to use The Jig Pig XL is as the anchor on a double dropper setup with the Flashing Scud. Oh yeah when it's windy throw The Jig Pig XL under an indicator by itself suspended off the bottom and the Trout's feeding lane hold on.Options are endless. For Bass I would not go any lighter than 5x tapered leader and tippet. Straight lining 10 to 15 lb is a good idea. For Trout you can straight line small diameter 5 lb test. I would not go any lighter than 6X tapered leader and tippet .

Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig XL (Jig/attractor)

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