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When the weather turns for the worst I have a little remedy, a little package that helps out a lot. This package has 3 Hoots Tungsten Jig Pig size 16 and size 14 color: orange. 3 Hoots River Juan size 12 color red and 3 Beaded Dub Squirmy Worms size 10 color bloodworm red/red. Orange Jig Pigs work the best when it is cloudy. My favorite way to use Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig is the double dropper setup under an indicator. First I will try on either Hoots River Juan or Beaded Dub Squirmy Worm, then from the hook I will attach a 7 to 8 inch piece of tapered leader with the clinch knot. Depending on the size of fish you're after 4 to 6x tapered leader and tippet.

Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig Package Orange

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