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After popular demand I finally put together a package of 3 size 14, Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pigs and 3 size 16, Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pigs. I'm also including the attractor flies I use with these Jig Pigs that have landed me some of my biggest Bows and biggest Browns. 3 size 12, Hoot's River Juan, 3 size 10, Beaded Dubbed Squirmy Worm.  I use it as a double dropper setup, with Hoot's River Juan or Beaded Dubbed Squirmy Worm as the attractor fly. With the rooster knot or clinch knot attach a piece of Tippett 8 to 6 inches from the attractor fly's hook bend. At the end of the tippett tie on The Jig Pig. Control the depth with a strike indicator. Keep it about 2 to 3 in off the bottom. I don't like to fish it more than 4 feet deep. Landing trout all day but I think it works best when it's windy. If the water is still add a little twitch to it. 5 to 6x tapered leader and tippet is what I like to use.   

Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig Package

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