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Oops. I did it again. Made my own variation of the Adam's parachute: Hoot's Parra Roo. What makes it different you ask? Other than Coc De Leon tail for durability. My own blend of a dubbing for the flash, durability and rides in the film longer. Made with top of the line hackle for appearance and to help it stay upright while floating towards the troutzilla. Landing bluegill, largemouth and smallmouth bass and all species of trout. Hoot's Parra Roo is a must-have in the fly box find an excellent go to pattern when the trout are on the rise. My favorite ways to use Hoot's Parra Roo is the double dry. The double dry is where you would tie a large dry or emerger  pattern that you can see fairly well. Then from the hook shank tie on 18 to 10 in of 5x to 7x (depending on water clarity) to the hook then with Roo's improved knot or the improved clinch knot. Then from that tie on the Hoot's Parra Roo. You can also use it by itself. Hoot's dry furled leader and 5X to 7X tippet are excellent choices.

Hoot's Parra Roo's(emerger)

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