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I created Hoots Tungsten Jig Pig by total accident. I was testing out a fly, nailing some nice rainbows. The fly finally fell apart. So I continued casting and I was landing big bows about every other cast. All over 16 inches. I went home after I was all tired and tied the hot mess onto a jig and The Jig Pig was born. An excellent fly for really any type of situation with a jigging motion and red hot spot, big trout can't resist. This is one of my favorite go-to flies ever. The best way to fish this is to keep it suspended off the bottom but in the trout's feeding lane. By itself under an indicator is a great idea. But my favorite way that has produced more bows is the double dropper setup. I use and a tractor for the anchor fly or first fly. Then I use Hoot"s Jig Pig as the 2nd dropper keeping it suspended under a strike indicator. 4X to 6x are excellent tapered leader and tippet choices. Hard hitters will break light line. (underwater fish pictures are by Stephen Coburn

Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig (Jig/Attractor)

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