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Hoot's Furled Leaders with Tippet Ring is a must have in your fly fishing arsenal. Helping me land that huge brownzilla. Hand made by Hoot, it's an excellent choice for nymphs. Replacing the tapered leader with a tapered furled, multi-strand highest quality 3lbs monofilament and tippet ring. Saving you money because you can use it multiple times and don't have to replace it like a tapered leader. I have the 3ft one on my fly line right now. How I use Hoot's Furled Leader with Tippet Ring:  Use the loop to loop connection to your fly line. Then tie on tippet. If you have a 9ft rod and a 3ft Hoot's Furled Leader use 6ft of tippet, then tie on your favorite Hoot's Custom Flies. If you have Hoot's Furled Leader 5ft with a 9ft fly rod, tie 4ft of tippet on the tippet ring, then tie on your favorite Hoot's Custom Flies. Your Hoot's Furled leaders and tippet combined length should never be longer than your fly rod. Barrel swivels coming soon.

Hoot's Furled Leaders W/Tippet Ring

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