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Hoot's Egg Sucker is my variation of the original egg sucking leech. This is an excellent streamer for not just trout but also smallmouth and largemouth bass. Check it out: the best of both worlds you got something that imitates a small fish like scallpin, minnows and so on. A predatory fish like trout see this as the best of both worlds. My favorite way to fish this is to swing it. But you also can strip it like a streamer or dead drifted underneath an indicator. When stripping it like a streamer experiment with the retrieve with pauses and goes and stops. When using it like a streamer 8 to 10 lb test straight line. When swing or dead drifting, 5x or 4X tip it with Hoots Furled Leader are excellent choices. Works all year round but the best time is when there is a spawn going on.

Hoot's Egg Sucker (Wholesale)

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