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Tested and works phenomenal. Hoot's Dry Furled Leader made with waxed thread to keep it buoyant, a tippet ring  and tapered to turn over dry flies. Super durable and will save you money on tapered leaders. Hoot's Dry Furled Leader comes in olive and gray to match the environment. How to use is pretty easy. First use the loop of your fly line and your loop to your Hoot's Dry Furled Leader and use the loop to loop connection. Then apply your favorite dry fly gel to Hoot's Dry Furled Leader. After that with the fisherman's knot attach your choice tippet to the tippet ring of the Hoot's Dry Furled Leader. The overall length of your Hoot's Dry Furled Leader and tippet should never be longer than your rod. For example if you have a 9-ft rod you're Hoot's Dry Furled Leader is 5 feet and tippet should be no longer than 4 feet. Then at the end of the tippet tie on your favorite dry fly  by Hoot's Custom Files and Guides. Even works with the dry dropper setup.

Hoot's Dry Furled Leader

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