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Hoots Bearded Scud is a variation of the stretch tube scud that came about on Tailwaters of Beaver Dam, White River Arkansas. When a big scud was trapped in Hoot's boot. An idea was born and I gave Hoots Stretch Tube Scud a beard. Hoots Bearded Scud is an excellent Scud pattern for tailwaters imitating Scuds, Sow Bugs, Caddis and Midge Larva. For this reason being this is one of my go-to flies for Tailwaters. You can finish this by itself or as the second dropper with a double dropper. My favorite way, with best results, is the dry dropper setup. Using an Olive Adam's Parachute size 14 or 16 as a dry and size 16 or 18 Hoots Bearded Scud as the dropper. 5 x to 7x tapered leader and tippet are excellent choices.

Hoot's Bearded Scud (Scud/Nymph)

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