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Hoot's Beaded Zonker is my variation of the original Zonker created by Dan Byford sometime in the 1970s. With with this awesome Dubbing I have created a very durable long-lasting style of Zonker. With adding some weight and a nice bead Hoot's Beaded Zonker gets down quick. Imitating bait fish and leeches for those big smallmouth bass and troutzillas in those fast rivers. Works excellent pulling out all species of bass, walleye, northern pike and muskie. Basically any predatory fish hungry for smaller fish. My favorite way to use Hoot's Beaded Zonker is on Devin's Evolution Rod 6 weight or 7 weight, sink tip line, Hoot's 3FT Furled Leader with Barrel Swivel and 2 ft of 10 to 20 lb test if you're going after toothy critters I would use steel leader. You can swing this streamer quarter cast, let it drift parallel, they normally buy it on the rise. You can also dead drift it. My favorite way is running it like a streamer experimenting with retrieves stop go stop stop go kind of stuff and hang on tight.

Hoot's Beaded Zonker (Streamer) (Wholesale)

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