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Hoot's Autumn Dinner is my variation of the Autumn Splendor. With a little crystal flash in the tail, tungsten conehead,  nice durable rubber legs, a super flashy body and two times the hackle for two times the durability and two times the vibration. Hoot's Autumn Dinner doesn't  just land big trout AKA Troutzilla but dang near every freshwater predatory species of fish including large mouth small mouth bass, musky and northern, walleye and the list goes on and on.  My favorite way to fish it is on at least a six weight 9 ft rod created by Devin of Hoot's Custom Flies Master Rod Builder. Then at the end of the fly line I would do a loop to loop connection with Hoot's 3 ft furled leader with micro barrel swivel. Then from there I would tie on about a foot of 8lb to 10lb test maybe even stronger depending on the size of the fish you're after to the barrel swivel then on the other end tie on Hoot's Autumn Dinner. Just like any other streamer always experiment with the retrieve fast, slow, stop-go, pause a little. Or you could dead drift it or swing it like a wet fly. I love swinging Hoot's Autumn Dinner. 


Hoot's Autumn Dinner(Streamer)

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