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Hoots Articulated Wooly Bugger is an excellent streamer for big fish. Lands trout and big walleye at tailwaters of Beaver Dam. Hoot never goes home empty-handed. With lead free wraps, a bead head and Krystal Flash running from the bead all the way to the tail. It will get down quick. 4X tapered leader with a foot of 4X tippet or 5X are good choices. Cast off cross stream or river, let it swing with the current, give it a couple twitches then when it levels out give it a twitch retrieve. Stop and go retrieves when stripping works great to. Double dropper style is another great strategy as the first with Hoots River Juan as the tail. Or Hoot's River Juan as the first being chased buy Hoots Articulated Wooly Bugger. Oh by the way it's designed to hook more fish.

Hoot's Articulated Wooly Bugger

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