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This variation of the Frenchie is an excellent go-to pattern that can be used Euro nymphing and competitive  fly fishing. Tied on a top-of-the-line competitive hook, with Coq de Leon as the tail for more durability and longer lasting. Does great at tailwaters of Beaver Dam Landing both bows and brown trout. The way I like to use it is a double dropper setup with either Hoots Beaded River Juan as the attractor and the Frenchie as the dropper under a strike indicator to keep the Frenchie off the bottom. Or you can use the Frenchie as the attractor and Hoots River Juan as the dropper under a strike indicator in shallow water. 5X to 7X tapered leader and tippet are excellent choices depending on weather conditions and size of fish that you are after.

Frenchie(Comp./Euro NYMPH)

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