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So excited to introduce Eggstatic Egg Fritz. This excellent durable material imitates an egg. So quick and easy to tie, you can make dozens real quick. And not just for trout, largemouth and smallmouth variations too. Endless variations and color variations. You can even layer and mix and match. Check out the Hoot's Custom Flies and Guides YouTube channel to see some fly tying examples with Eggstatic Egg Fritz. Don't forget to "like" and subscribe. "Top of the line for the tip of your line." "Hoots Custom Flies, it's not fishing it's catching." By the way Semperfli has the Queens award for Enterprise International Trade 2022. Get some.

     Hear what Semperfli has to say about it:  "When your fly hits the water it is transformed as the material slushes together which allows a translucent effect mimicking nature. Add to the effect a UV Fleck in every variant and a wide range of natural and fluorescent colors, there is guaranteed to be a color to match the fish eggs in your area. Enhance your Egg Fly even more by complimenting it with the Semperfli Tungsten Beads, Sili Legs or Mopster Chenille, along with many other combinations to elevate your tying."

Eggstatic Egg Fritz (5 quantity)

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