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Hoot's Bead Headed Woolly Bugger is my variation of the original Woolly Bugger created by Russell blessing in the 1970s. But others say it was originally a bass imitation in the late 1880s in Missouri. Hoot's Bead Head Woolly Bugger is a multi-tool streamer landing multiple species of fresh water fish including Trout, Bass, Muskie, Pike and a must have in the fly box. It imitates a bunch of aquatic prey such as hellgrammites and sculpin (a Trout's favorite), dobsonfly nymphs, damsel nymphs, leeches, stonefly nymphs, small prey and crawfish. Hoot's Bead Headed Woolly bugger can be fish multiple ways but my favorite ways are dead drift by itself or with a dropper, quarter cast and experimenting on the retrieve, or just cast out and experimenting with the retrieve. Use it by itself or with a dropper. 20 to 10 lb straight line fishing line with a small diameter is a great choice. You can also use 1X through 5x tippet and tapered leader. But I just like to straight line it with 10 lb test the smallest diameter I can find.

Hoot's Bead Head Wooly Bugger

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