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These flies have been tested over and over not just by me but by my friends and customers. This is literally all you need to have an awesome day. The package consists of a "how to" sent via email and 27 that have produced pretty big rainbow trout. This package consists of 3 Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig-Size 16, (Color Orange)  3 Hoot's Tungsten Jig Pig-Size 14, (Color bedspread yellow/red) 3 Hoot's River Juan-Size 12, (Color Red)   3 BeadHead Hord-Size 14, (Color Orange) 3 Crackleback-Size 10, (Color Holo Blue)  3 Tungsten Mop Fly-Size 10, (Color Red Tungsten, Bead Black, Bedspread Yellow) 3 Crackleback Size 10 (Color Chartreuse) 3 Roo's Eggstasy size 12 (Color Ham and Cheese) 3 Devin's Debacle size 12 (Color Olive) These have all been tested and proven. Hand tied here in Lebanon Missouri.

Bennet Springs MO Package

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