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Bead Head Wooly Bugger is one of the most versatile go to flies ever. Landing every game Fish imaginable. Some say Russell blessing invented the Wooly bugger in the early 1970s. But Jack Dennis claims it was a variation of the Black Martinez. Others claim it was an original bass imitation made in the late 1800s in Missouri. I really don't know and honestly I don't care it lands fish anytime of day almost everywhere. Imitating hellgrammites, baitfish, nymphs, mudbugs AKA crawdads, damsel nymph and many more. I like to use 2x through 5x tapered leader and tippet. Stripping it by itself or as a double dropper setup (have it chasing a smaller fly trust me), dead drifting and swinging it works great.


Bead Head Wooly Bugger (Streamer)

SKU: 0002
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