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Another one! Stumbled across the hook and saw The Beadhead Flashing Scud. My own design so you know it is super durable. Imitating the trout favorites: scuds and sowbugs (some of trout's favorite things to eat.) Beadhead Flashing Scud is a must-have in the fly box. Designed to get down fast in quick water. The big brother of the flashing scud. One of my favorite ways to fish it is under an indicator double dropper setup with Hoots Tungsten Jig Pig or Jig Pig XL as the anchor and the Beadhead Flashing Scud as the dropper. Or you can fish it by itself, with or without an indicator, with a pinch weight and bounce it off the bottom.

Beaded Flashing Scud (Wholesale)

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